Phillip Cox, PhD – CEO and Axxia Board Member

Phillip Cox, PhD, was formerly Chief Scientist at Noramco Inc. He specializes in the chemical development and scale-up of small molecule APIs and is a certified Black Belt in Design Excellence with substantial experience, and multi-million-dollar cost savings, in Lean and 6 sigma initiatives. He served as Director of the Chemistry Services Department for 6 years, was on the Senior Management Team for two years and was a member of the Noramco Board for a further two years. His most recent roles at Noramco were the management of outsourced R&D projects and the management of offensive and defensive aspects of Noramco’s intellectual property. He also initiated significant new business opportunities for Noramco. He has 6 granted patents, four other applications have been filed, and is co-author on 15 peer-reviewed publications in the opiate chemistry area.

Wayne C. Pollock – COO and Axxia Board Member

Wayne C. Pollock specializes in design, product and process development of melt blended, compounded and extruded polymeric drug delivery systems for transdermal, topical and implant dosage forms and has extensive international business development experience with such platforms. He served for many years in senior management positions with including VP Marketing & Sales and later as President and was a collaborating inventor on seven US Patents involving transdermal drug delivery systems during that period and collaborating inventor on Axxia Silicone Coated patent applications with European and Chinese grant procedures contemplated to occur sometime in early to mid-2017.

Bernard C. Rudnick – President & CFO

Mr. Rudnick, is founder and managing partner of CapGenic Advisors, LLC, and a member of several investment groups. Mr. Rudnick’s entrepreneurial career spans a number of startups, three of which grew to over $50 million in revenue before liquidity events. He is a founder of one of the nation’s leading entrepreneurial programs (MADV) at the Fox School of Business, Board member of Axxia Pharmaceuticals, former Director and CFO of Immunomic Therapeutics, Inc., Director of RSportz, Director of Operative Experience, and has held a number of other board positions – both commercial and not-for-profit – throughout his career. With 36 years of experience in executive-level strategy, finance, and management, Mr. Rudnick has senior merger, acquisition, capital formation and licensing leadership experience with companies ranging from start-up to Fortune 50. Mr. Rudnick has substantial experience investing and guiding investments in entrepreneurial companies, he has led or co-led capital formation totaling more than $600 million and strategic and licensing transactions of over $7 billion in the past twenty years. Mr. Rudnick currently advises companies in therapeutic, medical device, software areas. His advisory clients have included Mitsui (Mitrix), DuPont (Agri-chemical), McKesson Bioservices (now TMO), Kika Clinical Solutions (now IBM) as well as a number of early stage life sciences companies.

Current, Immediate & Extended Release Formulation Issues

  • Plasma drug levels fluctuate
  • Compliance
  • Abuse potential

Few long term (> 90 days) drug delivery systems are available

Several Pharmaceutical Categories Should Benefit

  • Addiction treatment
  • CNS conditions
  • Pain in both human and veterinary settings

Long-Term Delivery Creates Multi-Billion $ Market Opportunities

  • Renews drug patent life
  • Creates new category