Axxia – Stable Dosing for Cures

Axxia Pharmaceuticals was founded to commercialize an implantable, polymer-based drug delivery technology licensed from Johns Hopkins University. This technology was developed by the Company up to and through the filing of an Investigational New Drug Application (IND) with the FDA.

Implantable, Polymer-Based Drug Delivery Technology

The original small biocompatible implant product concept was optimized for uniform, near zero order systemic delivery up to 90 days. Our value proposition is controlled delivery of drugs through a unique implantable, extended release drug delivery platform. Our new, commercially more significant initiative, is for a 90-180 days sustained release implant the size of a shirt button.

Timely and Reliable Custom Delivery of a Full Spectrum of Drugs

Our technology is capable of being customized on a case by case basis for delivering not just one active ingredient, but rather a full spectrum of drugs for a wide range of therapeutic indications and commercial situations. Our initial product in pre-clinical development addresses the estimated $6 billion addiction management segment of the overall $200 billion drug delivery market segment.

Implantable Device in Various Combinations with Approved Therapeutics

The market opportunity is an implantable device in various combinations with approved therapeutics that have well documented patient compliance issues (i.e., failure to adhere to prescribed patient treatment requirements. Patient compliance poses two major challenges to healthcare: (i) patients do not achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes and (ii) payers must pay for therapeutics that are not used to achieve labeled and approved outcomes. Patient compliance issues are common in dementia, dexterity, habit-forming therapies, treatment of psychotic disorders and those that require very frequent dosing.